Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are allowed at CYR but participants need to show respect for others. Cell phones should not be used during CYR activities, devotionals, or organized meetings. Cell phones are very useful during the right time and reason. If your cell phone becomes a problem, you will be asked to put it away.

Each participant are liable and will be charged for any damage to their room, the property or other venues we use. Each participant is responsible for their own possessions and their room key. We encourage participants not to bring expensive items to CYR that may be damages, lost or stolen.


The safety/health of our participants is our priority. Participants are responsible for their own actions and behavior and how their actions could affect others. No roughhousing, wrestling, fighting, or other activities that put participants in harm’s way. Bottom line respect yourself, other guests, the CYR staff and the property.


Parents/Guardians are reliable for transportation to and from CYR. Each participant needs to check in and then needs to check out at the end of their CYR experience. Parents and participants must follow the check in/check out procedures.


Each participant is required to have health insurance. Parents/Guardians will be notified if an issue arises. Participants that require accommodations for special needs need to notify the CYR office 30 days prior to their stay so arrangements can be made. This includes medical needs, medication, diabetes, allergies, wheel chairs, and any other needs that they participant may need. This gives us time to set up special meals etc. Parents/Participants need to fully disclose and special needs or requests on their registration form. By registering your participant, the parent certifies that your child is in good health and able to participate in all CYR activities.